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Four Reasons Why Winter Tires Are Necessary in the Portage, MI Area

As the temperatures in Portage, MI drop and snow starts to fall, you might be wondering if you should have winter tires on your car. Here at Cole Nissan, we highly recommend winter tires for drivers in the Kalamazoo area because of the unique benefits that they offer during the coldest, snowiest months of the year. So, why are winter tires necessary? Below is a breakdown of some of the reasons why you should have winter tires on your car.

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Where should I take my Nissan for regular maintenance and repairs?

For a lot of shoppers who've visited our new Nissan dealership here in Kalamazoo, their choice of vehicle is largely dictated by how durable, practical, and stylish they are. However, while it's well-known that Nissan makes long-lasting vehicles, it's important to have repair center to turn to when your Nissan needs regular maintenance and repairs. And you don't need to know the difference between a lug wrench and a socket wrench to know that not all service and repair centers around the greater Kalamazoo area are created equal. 


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