Travel is made easy with a Nissan NV van from Cole Nissan in Kalamazoo, MI. If you are in need of extra cargo space for stowing items or additional passenger seating for better accommodations, the many varieties of the Nissan NV van come in handy. Each one appears much like a traditional cargo van, but the Nissan NV 1500, NV200, and NV2500 are actually quite different. Although all serve similar purposes in making your travels across Galesburg and Mattawan easier and more accommodating, each model does so in its own way.

Nissan NV1500

When you need a van to compliment your business endeavors or family travel, the Nissan NV1500 is a full-size van to consider. The Nissan NV1500 features a 4.0-liter V6 engine propels you throughout Battle Creek with ease, while producing up to 261 horsepower. A signature Nissan Direct Injection System and Continuously Variable Valve Timing show off this van's commitment to modern technology that enhances performance, too. Remote keyless entry, a Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System, and a 7.0-inch color display are also contemporary highlights of this Nissan van model. Cruise control makes traveling easy and intuitive in this van, and hardboard cargo panels in its interior improve its durability for the benefit of hard-working owners.

Nissan NV200

If you are ready to gain access to extra space in a vehicle that can go virtually anywhere, experience the impact of compact cargo found in the Nissan NV200. As a smaller version of Nissan's signature van style, the NV200 is the perfect size for busy families and profitable business owners. Ready to go whenever you are, the NV200 gets exceptional fuel mileage at 26 highway mpg. Producing up to 131 horsepower, the Nissan NV200 is reliable without being overly powerful. Great for easy navigation in tight spots and even better for your budget, the Nissan NV200 is both versatile and affordable. With an interior that is easily accessible by a 60/40 split rear door or two sliding doors on either side, loading and unloading is made easy with these amenities. Additionally, advanced technology in the Nissan NV200 makes it easy to get directions to your location or stay in touch with clients or friends.

Nissan NV2500

As a heavy duty van model, the Nissan NV2500 goes where others do not dare to. Dual power mirrors on the outside enhance driver awareness and attentiveness for accident prevention, while a slide-out storage tray under the driver's seat outlines this van's unconventional storage methods. Utilizing every inch of space within the cabin to create practical storage solutions, owners of the Nissan NV2500 appreciate this type of ingenuity. Availability to upgrade to a higher roof gives Nissan NV van owners an additional opportunity to add more space for situations frequently requiring it, and an upgrade to a 5.6-Liter V8 engine in this model gives buyers a chance to attain more power in their NV2500. A Nissan Navigation System is also a signature feature that provides a more intuitive and modern way to find destinations while on the road.

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Regardless of your need for additional passenger space or more cargo area, the Nissan NV Van inventory at Cole Nissan was made to be accommodating in more ways than one. This van has everything you could love in a commercial-grade van that has potential for personal use. It is undeniably spacious, but also unexpectedly modern in its amenities and safety features. If you would like to see a variation of the Nissan NV van in person, come to our lot today. We would love to show you the NV1500, NV200, and NV2500 and help you figure out which one would work the best for your needs.

We are proud to serve drivers throughout Paw Paw, MI, and Portage.

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