Apply to Finance a Nissan

Nissan manufactures some popular models. New and used Nissan Leaf, GT-R, Murano, and other models continue to draw customers to our dealership. Many of our shoppers want to finance their purchases, and our sales and finance members want to help Nissan fans with auto financing.

Pre-Approvals Support the Process

One way to move things along quicker involves seeking a pre-approval. Pre-approvals aren't final stamps of approval on an auto loan, but they are a helpful first step. Submitting an application allows our team to review the information and see if a would-be borrower meets the basic criteria. Pre-approved Galesburg applicants could get a "thumbs up," allowing them to move a little closer to buying a Nissan.

Another way you can start planning ahead is by calculating your payments. Using this tool, you'll have an accurate representation of your future monthly payments for the exact Nissan vehicle you're looking to invest in. Apply for financing and calculate your payments today to get one step closer to driving away in your ideal car, SUV, or truck.

Ask the Team for Assistance

Are you unfamiliar with how the application process works? Don't feel confused about any steps. Contact a team member with any questions, and someone will gladly help. Remember, we want to do our best to help you buy a Nissan car, SUV, or truck near Portage, MI.

Neither the pre-approval application nor the full application comes with any "hoops to jump through." Applications ask for straightforward information, such as name, address, income, expenses, and the like. We review the information to come up with a reasonable annual percentage rate and terms. Do not think a poor credit score would automatically disqualify you, as that might not be the case.

Trade-Ins and Down Payments

Trade-ins and down payments can lower the loan amount and the monthly payments. After all, you've already put money towards the purchase. If you want to know anything about the trade-in valuation process when applying, please ask one of our Kalamazoo representatives.

Fill-Out an Application Online

Cole Nissan offers an online application, so you can fill the information out and submit it whenever you wish. Take your time when completing the application so that the chances for errors decrease and things go more smoothly.