You've probably heard of new and used cars. But there are certified pre-owned (CPO) cars in most car dealership advertisements in Mattawan. A CPO vehicle is a vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected, and all damaged parts replaced. Thus, the car has a better performance than used vehicles. CPO vehicles also have extended warranties. Here are the reasons you should buy a CPO Nissan.

The Inspection

CPO Nissan vehicles are often used cars, and their engines show mileages of more than 40,000 miles. During the inspection process, inspectors check the vehicle's history and every instance when it was taken for repairs. They then carry out a thorough inspection of both the exterior and the interior. Any part that needs replacement gets replaced at the dealership's cost. Often, more than 100 parts get inspected.

The Warranty

Just like new cars, CPO Nissan vehicles in Kalamazoo come with a manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers the whole vehicle but exempts the powertrain warranty. However, the length of coverage, deductibles, and covered components vary between different models. Thus, ensure you understand the warranty terms offered.

The Price Tag

CPO Nissan vehicles come with a lower price tag when compared to a new version of the car. When used for two years, the value of the CPO Nissan near Paw Paw, MI, is 25 percent cheaper than the latest version of the vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Once you purchase a CPO Nissan vehicle, you automatically reduce any incidences of broken parts due to the intense inspection and replacement of parts. If the Nissan breaks down, you benefit from 24-hour roadside assistance. The benefits include towing, unlocking among other maintenance visits. Some dealerships also offer monetary compensations in case of breakdowns.

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