You Can Prepare Your Vehicle Now for the Drop in Temperatures

As the days are getting shorter in Battle Creek, you may be thinking about the winter weather to come. It’s a good idea to prepare your vehicle during these mild autumn days rather than hurrying to get your car ready before a winter storm approaches. Luckily, winter preparation isn’t particularly complicated and can easily be done in a day or two if you’ve planned ahead by making an appointment with your technician for necessary maintenance.

Getting your new vehicle ready starts from the ground up; your tires are vital to maintaining a grip on wet or icy roads, so make sure you’ve got a tread that’s capable of handling whatever Mother Nature sends your way. If you’ve got a good set of all-season tires that can navigate winter roads in Paw Paw, MI's and you intend to keep them on through the winter, make sure they get rotated to avoid uneven wear patterns that can lead to a loss of traction. If you have summer tires on your car, it’s time to have tires with a more rugged tread installed.

Your engine labors under the increased demands that come with colder temperatures, so get that oil change now if you’re due for one. Clean oil will help your engine perform more efficiently, and that can be especially helpful for cold startups first thing in the morning. Your battery may also need a quick inspection if it’s aging. Your technician can perform a test to gauge its strength as part of an overall engine inspection that checks for worn gaskets, fraying belts, cracked hoses, and sufficient antifreeze. They’ll also replace dirty engine filters.

A dirty windshield, an empty reservoir of window washing fluid, and nowhere to pull over to clean your windshield aren’t just a recipe for misery. They can actually lead to disaster. Don’t neglect to top up your engine fluids during your winter preparation, and if your window wiper blades are aging and frayed, it’s time for a new set. You’ll be glad you can easily clean your windshield when the mud starts flying. If you need assistance adding fluids, your technician will be glad to help. Winter also takes its toll on your vehicle’s exterior. A good washing and waxing will go a long way toward preserving your paint and avoiding rust.

You don’t want to break down in Portage when it’s cold, and you have to wait for help to arrive, but if you do, keeping a basic emergency kit in your vehicle will make your wait far more pleasant. It’s generally a good idea to keep essentials like a flashlight, extra batteries, tools, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and flat tire sealant in your vehicle all year long. You can add cold-weather items like a warm blanket, gloves, kitty litter for traction, and a folding shovel in case you get stuck in mud or snow. You can also add morale-boosting items like snacks, bottled water, reading materials, playing cards, or other amusements for yourself and any passengers.

We know the challenges you face with winter driving in Kalamazoo because we drive the same roads ourselves. We’re here to get you fully prepared for the season ahead with a thorough inspection to catch any hidden issues, perform a tire rotation or installation, do an oil change, replace your wiper blades, and do anything else you need for a successful winter driving season. Make sure to book your appointment soon to get ahead of the last-minute preparation rush. We can’t wait to get started making your vehicle safer for cold weather driving.

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